• A Big Change For My Fitness

    Gold’s Gym has done it to me again.

    For the third time now.

    …And for the last time!

    I have had three fantastic personal trainers. Three times, Gold’s has forced their hands and made them move on in order to better their career and finances. I believe an employer should be helping build-up and employee. They ought to be encouraging – and compensating appropriately – the employee for their skills improvements.

    Gold’s refuses to do this. They want me to pay more for personal training but not compensate the trainer. They are just pocketing the extra cash.

    I’m going to miss training with incredible people like Patrick, Isaac and Josh. But now, I’m going to carry on my own. I hope I can keep up the intensity.

  • Happy Belated Birthday USA!

    Happy 238nd birthday to the United States Of America!

    Since I have often missed posting about Canada Day on time, I thought I would delay this one too.

    A lot of good and bad has happened over the last year. I am glad to see that steps toward civilization continue as more states recognize same-sex marriages. More people are becoming aware of and angry about the income inequality gap (I very highly recommend Robert Reich’s documentary Inequality For All)

    Unfortunately, this rotten-to-the-core Supreme Court has continued to disenfranchise millions of Americans. They have further stripped campaign finance laws away and allowed the ultra-rich to buy the elections in this country. Most recently, they have allowed for sectarian prayers before town council meetings as well as given the idiotic ruling that closely-held corporations have religious rights. Disgusting.

    What a bizarre, social experiment this country is!

  • LEGO Architecture

    I was still at Microsoft when I saw my first LEGO Architecture model in a colleague’s cubicle. It was the Seattle Space Needle, a simple model but it captured the essence of the real structure. I loved it!

    For a short time, my local Barnes & Nobel bookstore featured several sets in the Architecture series. The Empire State Building. The Willis Tower. The very impressive Fallingwater. To borrow from Dork Tower; “THEY MUST BE MINE!”

    Each new release was acquired as quickly as possible. I have all of them now; the most recent being the Eiffel Tower.

    Soon, I’ll have a special order from overseas – I am not sure if it will be available in North America. A model of the Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore. I’ll post pictures of that one when I can.

    Here are a few pictures of my current LEGO Architecture collection.


    You can see most of the models here; alas, I did not photograph Fallingwater. That is probably my favourite of the bunch. Robie House (the red one on the top right) was the longest to build since it was made up primarily of the 1×1 and 2×1 flat pieces in order to simulate the brick facade.

  • Catching DAZ-3D In A Lie

    This is less about ray-tracing / 3D art and more about business politics. I previously mentioned that I have become disillusioned with how DAZ treats Carrara versus their precious baby DAZ-Studio.

    As of this posting, you can find the following chart on the DAZ-3D home page:


    It is bad enough that Carrara is left off of the comparisons…

    However; I got really annoyed at the lie concerning LightWave. No texturing in LightWave? Horseshit! LightWave actually has two texturing engines (layers-based and nodes-based).

    The chart also implies that DAZ-Studio’s rigging, morphing and rendering is on par with the likes of 3DS Max or Maya. What a joke!

    I posted about this on the DAZ Forums but the moderators didn’t like me calling out this falsehood. The post was deleted.

  • New Blog Theme

    Since starting this blog, I have used a WordPress theme called Rubix. You can still see – to a small extent – what this looked like on my home page…for now.

    Just thought I’d change things up a little bit. Just for grins.

  • Re-Thinking This Blog’s Purpose

    Moving forward, I want to post more about my 3D art hobby and rendering. This is something that I want to have as a bigger part of my life.

    I won’t be giving up on posting about politically progressive topics and I certainly won’t be giving up posting about religion and atheism. But 3D art will be my focus for the future.

    As much as I love Carrara, I cannot deny that LightWave has become my modeler of choice. I have become disenfranchised with how DAZ-3D treats Carrara. At best it is the red-headed step-child. DAZ Studio gets all the love and attention in spite of its inferiority in so many areas. My opinion is that DAZ-3D is slowly taking the best of Carrara and porting it into DAZ Studio.

    When this vampiric leeching is finished, so shall be Carrara’s usefulness. If that dystopian prediction is not true, DAZ-3D sure isn’t doing anything to dispel it.

  • Ending The Hiatus

    It has been more than six months. Geez!

    I wish I had a pithy excuse because I sure don’t have a good explanation. Even the posts before the last one were sporadic.

    Quite a lot has happened and I have spent some time thinking about what to write in this post. I can’t tell it all. Some must be saved.

    September was a big month for me. I turned 41 on the 8th. Near the end of the month, I travelled to Madison, Wisconsin for the FFRF Convention. I was elected the Texas state representative for FFRF. This role, more than anything else I expect, will keep me in Texas for at least two more years.

    While in Madison, I met two fellow 3D artists from the Carrara world! We had been communicating via the DAZ-3D forums and then through private emails for some time. Kevin “evilproducer” Wyeth and Daniel “Dartanbeck” Beck have become dear friends. We still talk about 3D and digital art. We inspire each other.

    I fell in and then out of love. Maybe more on that in a later post. Maybe not; I haven’t made up my mind about it

    Moving forward, I will try to dedicate this blog to more about my digital art exploration. I will try to post much more on my Flickr account. I’m sure the occasional post about secularism and atheism will appear too because that is important to me as well.