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Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7

Whelp, my memory failed me again. I thought there were eight episodes for this season. Even though last night weighed

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 6

Holy FUCK! My friend Dan and I both had that reaction and emailed each other as much after last night’s

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4


Game Of Thrones Season 7 (No Spoilers Here!)

Just…wow! No Spoilers. I promise. I won’t talk about anything that happened in last night’s episode. I am glad that

Nine More Days Until Game Of Thrones Season 7!

I don’t think I have ever talked about Game Of Thrones on this blog. I am a big fan though,


Alright, I am several seasons late to this show. But the first season of Heroes came to the top of