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Unfold 3D

I said my next post would be written from BlogJet. Not yet. Long story… But I started trying out Rizom

A Bell Tower Setback

I procrastinated writing a blog post about the UV mapping progress last week. Each night after work, I’d spend some

Calling The Bell Tower Modeling Finished

Although I could probably take this even further, I really do want to move forward with the work on this

Turin Bell Tower Tour Revisited

Since it has been a long time since my last content upload on my YouTube Channel, I decided to make

World Machine 3 Is Finally Available

World Machine has been at version 2.7.9 for years. It truly appeared that it was going to remain there and

Fast Updates

Debug Debug continues to recover nicely. The cauterized areas that were removed are drying up and her fur is gradually

So Long 2017!

Well, the world survived the first year of President Orange Dumbfuck. For the sake of my American friends and the

Bell Tower Progress

Over the holiday weekend I have pushed forward with the bell tower work in spite of the issues with the

3D News

I kept quiet last week after the news about Narelle. I wanted to be in Australia for the family. So

Still Struggling To Get My Creativity Back

I am on-call this week and tomorrow we start the annual business freeze. Hopefully that leads to some quiet time;

World Machine, Meet OctaneRender!

I have owned OctaneRender for several years now. But it has sat on my computer almost totally untouched because I

New YouTube Video – Creating Roof Beams

It has been a month since I posted about 3D modeling. The Turin bell tower model has been progressing rather

A Short Tour Of My Bell Tower Model (So Far)

I have little doubt that this month is my record-setting month for posts! Considering how often I have let multiple

The Netherlands & End User Event 2017

Two weeks ago – late in the evening – I left Toronto Pearson airport on an Airbus A330-300 for Amsterdam.


Weeks have marched past without a post once more. It has been crazy busy – and annoyingly frustrating – at

Unwrapping A Celtic Knot Design

This was an interesting problem. On the surface it seems easy; however, as you consider the options as modeler and