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Another Photo Walk: Albion Falls

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

The weather seems to be warming up – although this winter has been about as stable as Charles Manson… So I used this long weekend to take another photo walk around a Hamilton location. Today, I went up to Albion Falls.

I had a brief scare once I got there (it is near the end of the Upper Kenilworth bus route). I started taking pictures and saw my Pentax flashing at me, “No card in camera!” I swore harshly but then remembered I had space SD cards in my camera bag. Phew!

March 27 Photo Walk - Timer & Aperture mode blendOne of my goals for this walk was to photograph a waterfall with the Timer Mode. This keeps the aperture open and creates beautiful silky textures out of flowing water. However, you need a neutral density filter to pull that off. I don’t have one… But I do have Photoshop!

So my Timer Mode photo got blown out but I also took an Aperture Mode photo. Since I used my tripod, it was easy to blend the two pictures with Photoshop. I managed to get some of the silky texture in the water while keeping the rest of the image tack sharp.

All in all, I took 77 photos but only a few were worth putting up on Flickr.

March 27 Photo Walk - Albion Falls 2I should have worn hiking shoes and climbed down into the gorge. I’ll do that next time!

I felt that some of the photos would look good with the Brad Goble’s Photoshop Actions. So I used the Watercolor Action on the photo to the right. That turned out surprisingly well and I only made a few minor tweaks to it.

Mountain Brow Boulevard crosses Albion Bridge just above the falls. On the other side of the road, I took a few photos at low angles of Red Hill Creek before it plummets over the Niagara Escarpment.

One of those photos got the Brad Goble Hand-Drawn Action applied to it. Pretty good there too I think!

[NSFW]–New Carrara Image

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

This image may not be visible on my Flickr site because I have marked it as “Moderate Safety” for topless female nudity. You will need a Flickr/Yahoo login to see it.

Orianne & KnivesThe recent experimentations with the Victoria model made me want to create a completely gratuitous, Heavy Metal sort of image.

Originally, she was completely free of clothing; but I decidedly a few bit of metallic covering improved the image dramatically. Two of my friends wanted to see bigger breasts than I usually create, so I entertained their request and made the image even more cliché.

When I added the metal bikini, that model could not properly conform to the pose that I had put Victoria into. Most of the bikini pushed-through to be “inside” Victoria’s body. None of the pose morphs could correct it and editing the bikini model directly failed (as it often does for Carrara). My solution was two renders.

The first was the full scene with the poke-through problems on the bikini. The second render was with the Victoria model set invisible. This changed the lighting very slightly but otherwise the two images were the same. I could then use layer masks in Photoshop to correctly reveal the bikini on top of Victoria’s “skin” rather than underneath it.

I have uploaded this image to my WIP album because I am still not entirely happy with it. I want to add some background instead of that flat brown. A realistic sky with some clouds would be good too – probably an HDRI image. Maybe I can add some blood stains to the knife blades and blood spatters to her torso.

More Brad Gobel Actions At Last!

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

Smoky KittyI have had a rather long hiatus from buying more of Brad “sevenstyles” Gobel’s awesome Photoshop actions. That has not stopped him from releasing more of them of course.

When it became obvious to me that I was going to have to leave Texas and return to Canada, I stopped a lot of extraneous purchasing. Once I settled in Hamilton, my future income sources were murky so I held off longer still. Well, the situation is now much improved!

So I have now added the following to my collection:

Rather than take my own photo or create a scene in LightWave or Carrara, I grabbed a free stock photo from Unsplash to use. I used the Smoke Action and then edited the original eye colour back for some added interest and focal point.

I will experiment with the other Actions later and post updates.

Photowalk #2 – Learning Some Harsh Lessons

Saturday, February 13th, 2016

Preparation is key! I really blew it on that front.

Today was forecast to be the coldest thus far of our very mild winter. Sure, I have been colder than this before, but when your breath and snot turn to icicles on your mustache – it’s too damn cold out there!


  1. I anticipated the cold but utterly underestimated it. That alone cut my enthusiasm to near zero.
  2. Camera controls and gloves do not mix. I really need a cable release too.
  3. Timing is key. I wanted to try some sunrise photos but there was no way I was going to endure that cold to wait for Earth to spin a bit further…
  4. Never assume your batteries have enough juice. I will invest in more to keep with the camera bag.
  5. Remember / research location. I wanted night shots of the city but completely forgot about the trees blocking the view from my vantage point.

I stood near the top of the Claremont Access. I took several photos of the access and the few vehicles on it with the goal of producing some light-painting. Weirdly enough, none of these photos even exist on my memory card. I am not sure what happened.

Top Of James Street StaircaseWhen I decided to head home rather than wait for the sunrise, I walked around to the James Street staircase. Back when I attended Mohawk College, I used to climb these stairs almost daily. I even got to where I could climb them two at a time without stopping to catch my breath.

I had set my Pentax K-x to shoot in RAW mode and I am glad that I did. The 11 photos of the staircase had an intense jaundiced colour tone from the quartz-halogen lamps. Fortunately, Adobe Camera Raw could white balanced this nicely; I doubt that would have been as easy if the camera was taking JPEG images.

I kept the image tweaking in Camera Raw and Photoshop to a minimum. The biggest changes were the white balance and resizing the photo to 2048 pixels wide. I tried a few sharpening filters but could not improve much.

Ultimately, only three photos could be salvaged. Clearly I have much more to learn about low-light photography.

Perhaps I will take more photos later today.

Painting In Photoshop

Friday, November 20th, 2015

Essentially all of my Photoshop work – using that term rather loosely – has been around retouching or using Brad Gobel’s amazing Actions to generate cool effects. I realize that I need to start expanding my experiences and building new skills. I especially need to use my Wacom tablet more often and take advantage of its features inside Photoshop.

For just about my entire life I have said, “I am not an artist.”

That sort of thinking really does build up inside and impede your thinking. Not unlike clogged arteries with cardiovascular health; those negative thoughts about my own creativity have made this work harder. Fortunately, both conditions can be improved.

Larry ElmoreI am going to start getting into digital painting with Photoshop. I have a great set of images to help kick start things too. Years ago, I bought a package of line drawings from the legendary fantasy artist Larry Elmore.

These are fairly simple drawings in Larry’s unique style that cover the male-female-creature range including various character types (fighters, wizards, etc.). What really makes this package stand out is that it includes all the drawings in TIFF format with an Open Game License.

In short, I can use Larry’s excellent base images in a variety of ways within the stated bounds of the license. Primarily that means that the Elmore signature remains visible and that I am not selling the artwork.

So I will begin sharing work inside my Photoshop album on Flickr.

Maiden paintingThis is my first attempt at digital painting with Elmore’s illustrations.

I tried to use the opacity and flow pressure sensitivity features of the tablet to darken and lighten regions of the image appropriately. Each major part – hair, skin, blouse, etc. – is on its own layer in Photoshop.

My second attempt can be seen here. On this work I used Solid Fill layers and layer masks to reveal the colours appropriately.

Hopefully this is not a bad start to things. Clearly there is much for me to learn and I am looking forward to tackling that in future work.

Photoshop Editing

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

I currently cannot show the entire image since I do not own the rights to it. It was taken by dear friends in the Dominican Republic. I will only share the full image after they have given me permission to do so. This left-side slice of the original is the only relevant bit to this post.

I wanted to use the photo with another one of Brad Gobel’s Photoshop Actions. Running those Actions usually blurs or completely eliminates anything but the desired focus point. Nonetheless, I set out to remove much of the background clutter.

before and after

It was definitely good practice and put my Wacom tablet through its paces!

The woman in the tree shadow was removed with Content-Aware Fill. You can still see a blurry patch in the tree shadow that I could not fix. The swimmer’s heads were removed with the Spot Healing Brush.

The man with the blue shorts was the most difficult. Content-Aware Fill did a rather poor job but it was a start. The Patch tool and Clone Stamp did the rest but it was slow and patient work.

The beach recliners were mostly removed by using the Clone Stamp and approaching from both the water and the sand. Again, slow and patient was the watch word. I would frequently zoom in and out of the details to keep an eye on the progress and how it looked at full-size.

All in all, for my first major retouching, I am rather proud of how this turned out.

I would be remiss if I did not give a shout-out to KelbyOne and the Photoshop training videos that gang has created. More and more of Photoshop’s features are sticking in my head thanks to Scott, Corey, RC and Pete.