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San Francisco Skyline Model Finished

Last night, I finished building the LEGO Architecture model of the San Francisco model. When I was in S.F. last November, I dismissed the thought that it could ever become

Paris Skyline Model Finished

I finished building the Paris Skyline model a couple of weeks ago; but I just got around to photographing it tonight. I used a 10mm focal length at f/3.5. I

Tower Bridge LEGO Model

I finally got around to buying this! I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment. The Tower Bridge Creator set arrived last night. Nearly 4,300 pieces of LEGO goodness.

Great Wall Of China Model Finished

I opened the box for the Great Wall Of China Lego Architecture set well over a week ago. The box sat on my table in that forlorn state until yesterday.

Hello September!

Here is hoping that with the new month I can get out of this funk. I accomplished very little during August – the one exception being the Lego Big Ben

August In Idle…

I’ve been on a blah kind of cruise control this month. Of course, it all started with losing Debug. The first couple of weeks were really hard; especially at night.

Keeping My Mind Busy

In an effort to keep my thinking away from the event of Friday afternoon, I am going to delve into building the long-procrastinated, big LEGO project I have here. Big

Saturn V Model Finished

Earlier this afternoon, I put the last few pieces of the Saturn V LEGO model together. This is a big, beautiful model from the Ideas series. Ideas are fan submissions

Building The Saturn V In LEGO

Back at the end of April, I bought the Saturn V rocket in LEGO. I already had the Big Ben model. Both of these have yet to be built primarily

Newest LEGO Model

I made another bit of a splurge purchase last weekend. After visiting with my grandmother, I walked over to a nearby toy store (Turtle Pond Toys inside University Plaza for

Shanghai Skyline Model Complete

Procrastination got the better of me (again). I didn’t take a photo of the finished model until this past Sunday. As usual, I used my 50mm Prime lens but I

Shanghai Skyline Model

A month ago, I sensed that the next Lego Architecture model would be the Shanghai skyline since that was being used in the website navigation graphics. Not exactly The Amazing

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Model

As I wrote the other day, I decided to finally finish off my Lego Architecture models. To my knowledge, I have every Lego Architecture model that has been released. The

So Long 2017!

Well, the world survived the first year of President Orange Dumbfuck. For the sake of my American friends and the rest of the world, I certainly hope that early 2018

Lego Architecture: Arc de Triomphe

I finally built this model yesterday after much procrastination. As usual, I used the 50mm prime lens to get a shallow depth of field. The fake sunset light was done

The Women Of NASA Lego Set

I got way ahead of myself this time. Although this set suffered a shipping delay, once it arrived here two days ago, I built it right away. I have yet