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Burlington Sunrise

The 5th of August was a holiday in Ontario. So I made arrangements to spend Sunday night in Burlington, Ontario. The goal was to catch the Monday morning sunrise because

Radio Silence

July is nearly over and this is only my second post. No particular reason – I just didn’t feel like writing. Several times in the past weeks I tried to

Dad In 1963

After dad saw my images of the Toronto skyline, he sent me a photograph of himself with Toronto in the background. He thinks that it was taken around 1963. If

Toronto Sunset

Last Friday was the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year. The Golden Hour would not begin until after 8PM and the sun would not fully set until

Photoshop World East 2019

On Sunday morning, I returned home from Orlando, Florida. Another Photoshop World has come and gone – this one is my third and so I have an “Alumni” tag added

Brace-Face Is Here

Last Thursday, I was at the orthodontist to transform my mouth into a metallic monstrosity. Apparently, my lower teeth have shifted forward, causing my upper teeth to wear away their

Humber River Valley Photowalk

On Sunday morning, I set out to explore part of the Humber River Valley. I took the Line Two subway over to Old Mill station and found my way down

Updates: Lady Olenna, Photoshop World & FFRF

Lady Olenna It has been a rocky couple of weeks. As I previously mentioned, Lady Olenna had an extended vet stay because she was not eating. We discovered that her

Poor Lady Olenna…

I knew this going into my adoption of Lady Olenna, but she has had it rough for awhile. I’ve been seriously concerned since she wasn’t eating or using her litter

Welcome Home Lady Olenna!

Earlier this morning, I went to the Etobicoke Humane Society to adopt a new cat. I still miss Debug after all these months; but I want to give love to

Late Company

On Friday night, the Village Players began their production of Jordan Tannahill’s Late Company. Unfortunately, I missed the opening night, but I made sure to attend Saturday night’s showing. I

Niagara Falls Flickr Album

I arrived in Niagara Falls in the early afternoon on Sunday; just a few hours after writing yesterday’s post. A winter storm descended on southern Ontario and I had to

Niagara Falls!

The past week was a brutal one for me at work. I try to keep work news and info separate from my personal life on this blog. I’m not changing


I often try to model and render a New Years image. Last year, I procrastinated too much. So this year, I pushed myself to get the work done. The modeling

A New Year, A New WordPress Theme

An easy way to change-up a blogger’s world is just to swap the blog engine theme. I had been using the “Twenty Seventeen” theme and switched over to “VW Parallax”

Getting Caught Up On Media Consumption

A nice thing about a flight to and from the other side of the planet is that you have time to read. So I managed to finish-up with George R.