Welcome To The Party South Sudan!

Today, South Sudan became the newest country to be recognized by the United Nations.

Congratulations! And good luck!

You are going to need that luck; what with being in one of the least developed places of the world and having been ravaged by 50 years of fighting. I hope that you can sort yourself out and show the rest of the nations in the area how it’s done.

Way To Go New York!

Congratulations to the state of New York for civilizing the United States just a bit further. They are the sixth (and the largest) state to legalize gay marriage.

I rather like what Republican Senator Roy McDonald had to say on the topic:

You get to the point where you evolve in your life where everything isn’t black and white, good and bad, and you try to do the right thing. You might not like that. You might be very cynical about that. Well, [bleep] it, I don’t care what you think. I’m trying to do the right thing. I’m tired of Republican-Democrat politics. They can take the job and shove it.

Absolutely right! And from a Republican no less.

It is long, slow climb out of the abyss of ignorance; but we’ll get there one day. Future generations will enjoy the true equality rights regardless of gender, race or sexual preference. The archaic notions and rituals that keep the myth that marriage has to be between a man and a woman is on life-support – we will pull the plug eventually.

Science and Anti-Science

Last week, the wonderful Hubble Space Telescope helped provide fresh evidence for the expanding universe. Very cool stuff! Once more, observed data refutes supernatural claims about our existence.

Of course the ignoramuses in the Texas government introduce a bill to protect supernatural claims about our existence.


The ever-awesome xkcd comics displayed the following comic when I was clicking the random link. It is so true.

No wonder Texas feels the need to file meaningless bills.

Michael Moore Posts Bail For Julian Assange…Sort Of

I liked what Michael Moore had to write in a Huffington Post article yesterday. Although it was typical Moore fair of not-quiiiiiite digging far enough and lacing it heavily with personal opinion. He claims to have posted bail for Julian Assange and makes it seem like he did it all himself. Read carefully and you’ll see that he had help and further, only half of the bail has been raised.

All of that aside, I do agree with Moore. This world needs something like WikiLeaks. Politicians and corporations often do act against the public and they rely on the public’s laziness and apathy (plus the control of most of the media) to get away with this behaviour. I would like to see these circumstance changed.

Texas judge puts state’s death penalty on trial


Is Texas actually becoming civilized? A Texan judge in Houston is challenging the legality of the state’s barbaric death penalty. This will be something to watch over the coming days.

There are certainly some people who should never be permitted back into society. However, the risk of executing an innocent person can never be reduced to zero percent. That makes it a chance not worth taking.

With any luck, Texas might become a state enjoyable to live in…

Props To WikiLeaks

I am amused at the tempest in a teacup that the newest WikiLeaks release has created. I saw that Vladimir Putin shrugged it off. Jon Stewart on The Daily Show shrugged it off. But Sarah Palin (genius in foreign policy that she is) and even Prime Minister Harper’s aide think that Julian Assange should be hunted down and killed.


It is a very long-shot that any of this material could actually lead to war (as Tom Flanagan claimed). At least such a war would have a reason behind it – unlike the War On Terror.

It Is About Time!

I have been waiting for President Obama to ask, "Whose ass do I kick?" for weeks now!

Until now, just about every news report that I have read regarding the Deepwater Horizon disaster features a penitent president accepting responsibility for this catastrophe. I don’t get it. This is not his fault. This is entirely the fault of BP and their vendors.

The government should be there with resources to help affected states clean-up. But the true culprits should be ultimately footing 100% of the costs.

Columnist Mark Morford phrased it the best way:

Truly, BP is behaving no better or worse than any other corporate spawn of Satan would in a similar situation. What’s more, if you don’t think every oil company on earth is right now kneeling before Beelzebub in gratitude that it wasn’t one of their own wells that exploded, you haven’t been paying attention.

Morford rightly continues, stating that this is not Obama’s Katrina (frankly, the comparisons made between the two events sicken me). Rather, it is Big Oil’s Chernobyl.

I hope that something good can come from this mess…