August In Idle…

I’ve been on a blah kind of cruise control this month. Of course, it all started with losing Debug. The

First Light – The New Sigma 10-20mm Lens

I mentioned last week that I had bought a highly recommended Sigma wide-angle lens. Here are the first photos taken

Keeping My Mind Busy

In an effort to keep my thinking away from the event of Friday afternoon, I am going to delve into

R.I.P. Debug (2006–2018)

Thank-you Debug for twelve wonderful years. Years of love, purring, cuddles and wake-ups better than any alarm clock. We’ve been

Saying Good-bye To Debug

I am devastated. It’s the decision that no pet owner wants to make about their furry family member. But it

UV Unwrap Of My Bell Tower

The slow and sometimes-not-steady progress on my Turin duomo inspired tower has continued. The end (of the UV mapping) is

Finished A Clash Of Kings

It was raining most of today, so I spent the day working on my UV mapping (more on that later).

Buying RizomUV

Friday marked the final day of my evaluation period for RizomUV. The application developer graciously doubled my time because most

Re-upping The Beard Colour

Beard colour? Yeah, didn’t I mention that earlier? No, I didn’t. My bad. A week before Photoshop World 2018, I

My Poor Little Debug – An Update

It has been a little rough financially since coming back from Photoshop World. I took advantage of a conference special

Happy 242nd Birthday USA!

You don’t look a day over two centuries. Last year, I added something to the effect of, “I hope you

Happy 151st Birthday Canada!

Happy 151st birthday to the best country on Earth! I am very grateful to live in Canada. It’s not perfect,

Finished Reading “Nailed”

Yesterday afternoon I finished reading David Fitzgerald’s excellent book, Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed At All.

Saturn V Model Finished

Earlier this afternoon, I put the last few pieces of the Saturn V LEGO model together. This is a big,

Cleaning The Blog Categories

Just like the Flickr albums and images, I really need to clean up my blog categories. Many of these I

Cleaning Up My Flickr Albums

I have used Flickr for a very long time now. Much of that has been not knowing anything at all