Quitting Facebook?

To quit or not to quit? That is the question… I, like tens of thousands around me, have become very concerned about my personal information and Facebook’s blatant abuse of

Three Years In Texas!

Last Wednesday marked the third anniversary of my arrival in Texas. The only other time I had been in Texas was 3 months earlier when I interviewed for my Blue

Bicycling Around The World – Part 2

At the five week mark I had put 331 kilometers on the odometer. I was well past Oklahoma City to the north, Austin to the south and Shreveport to the east.

Catching Up With Posts

That cold was more persistent than I first gave it credit for! I had to consume copious amounts of medicine to sleep through coughing fits; but I believe that I

Still Under The Weather…

I have had a persistent but minor cold for over a week now. It has been the primary force keeping from posting recently. My shift at work is reverting back

Ray tracing; my new hobby

I have renewed my interest in ray tracing. My first taste of it came from C# MVP Ryan Lamansky; he let me play with his abortive attempt to convert POV-Ray

590 Pound Leg Press

I never would have thought earlier in my life that I would be capable of leg pressing 590 pounds. Thanks to the amazing work of an amazing trainer; I acheived

Bicycling Around The World

Alright, I am not really bicycling around the world. I thought that would be obvious. But, I do cycle a lot. That is a side-effect of not having learned to

Caution: Man At Work II

Strides Forward Many of the link problems with the tags, categories, post calendar and the comments appear to be fixed now. The correction was in the Permalink settings for WordPress

Caution: Man At Work

Construction Needed It is obvious that I need to commit some additional time today to getting this blog looking just the way I want it to. Right now, the thorn

Blogging Anew

Starting To Blog Again… I have finally created a blog directly on my own website. For a long time I used Windows Live Spaces but found my blogging there stagnated