Caution: Man At Work II

Strides Forward

Many of the link problems with the tags, categories, post calendar and the comments appear to be fixed now.

The correction was in the Permalink settings for WordPress – I set them back to default and things started working. I am not sure how that lead to breaking things in the first place; however, for the time being I will be satisfied with a working blog.

Still To Do

  • Setup RSS feed(s)
  • Display my Flickr images
  • Minor visual tweaks

Caution: Man At Work

Construction Needed

It is obvious that I need to commit some additional time today to getting this blog looking just the way I want it to. Right now, the thorn in my side are the four columns in the footer of the page. Although I did manage to figure out how to edit the Blogroll, I cannot seem to remove the original default columns to add my own. This might require rolling up my sleeves and digging into the HTML and CSS code myself.

Later today, I’ll put real blog links into the Blogroll – at the moment, they are merely pointing to other websites. It is likely that most of blogs will point to SQL Server material; hopefully I can tweak that up further though and categorize.

The next big thing to do will be getting the RSS feed(s) to work properly.

Lastly, the “About” page doesn’t point anywhere! You will get the dreaded HTTP 404 error if you click that link. With a bit of luck, I can get that to link back to my website.

Blogging Anew

Starting To Blog Again…

I have finally created a blog directly on my own website. For a long time I used Windows Live Spaces but found my blogging there stagnated as I used Facebook. I hope that by having a blog at that I will be motivated to post to it more often.

A Little About My Recent History

I have been living in Irving, Texas for nearly three years. I moved here from Toronto, Canada when Microsoft hired me full-time. I had been working as a vendor for them supporting SQL Server. I attended the SQL PASS 2006 conference and spoke with one of the Customer Service & Support managers from the Washington site. I love Washington and the Seattle area tremendously but for supporting SQL Server, the Texas site is the center of the universe.

I recently bought a house in Irving after my apartment started driving me mad – believe me, not everything in Texas is bigger! So I’ll be here for many years to come I expect. One of the best things about living here is that I can attend Shock Of Pleasure concerts; my good friend and colleague Josh Curry is the band’s bassist.

It is amusing to me; here I am living in arguably the most pious state in America and it is down here that I “came out” as an atheist. It was a long process and one that I will explore in future posts.

Thanks to a great personal trainer at Gold’s Gym, I have been gradually getting into the best shape of my life. Hopefully, I can use this blog to keep inspiring myself on that front too.

Lastly, I have been exploring ray-traced graphics and to a lesser degree computer-generated landscapes. I use POV-Ray currently and I will post images that I think are worth showing off.