Happy 235th Birthday America

All the very best to my American friends and family today.

Happy 144th Birthday Canada!

Have a wonderful Canada Day everyone!

Way To Go New York!

Congratulations to the state of New York for civilizing the United States just a bit further. They are the sixth

Bicycling Around The World–The End (Of Posting About It…)

Like my dearth of recent blog posts in general, I have not provided an update on my cycling since December.

Sprinting To Re-Blog

Phew! It has been more than a month since I wrote anything! Sometimes time seems to get away from you.

Flying During The Rapture

Tomorrow I am flying up to Canada for a short vacation. A tiny minority of people seem to think that

Benny Gets It Wrong…Again

"If man were merely a random product of evolution in some place on the margins of the universe, then his

Science and Anti-Science

Last week, the wonderful Hubble Space Telescope helped provide fresh evidence for the expanding universe. Very cool stuff! Once more,

Bad Astronomy

For the past couple of months, I have been following Dr. Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy blog. This is one of

Exiting The Deep Freeze

Phew! It is melting! The glorious upward tick in temperature started yesterday and I couldn’t be happier about it. Microsoft’s

Ray Traces On Flickr

As previously mentioned, I have experimenting further with ray tracing graphics. It is a fun blending of both art and

Two Years Of Working Out

Somewhere between the middle and the end of January 2009, I walked into the local Gold’s Gym that was a

Australian Flooding

I have been following the stories of the flooding in Queensland with interest and concern. This morning, the stories took

Diving Into 2011

I intentionally delayed my first post of 2011 so that I would not get caught up in the hype of

Re-Entering The Matrix

Another (irrelevant) Christmas Day has passed by and along with it a double-shift. Ouch. Winter weather over Europe stranded the

Return To Ray Tracing

I am getting back into learning more about how to use POV-Ray to create ray-traced graphics. Unfortunately, the POV-Ray documentation