Code Will Never Be Forgotten

Today is the 6th anniversary of losing my first cat, Code. I used to sleep on my stomach and Code

Optimism For American Politics

Scott “Dilbert” Adams recently posted And A Barista Will Lead Them about a possible change in how American politics can

Now Rick Perry’s Run For POTUS Makes Terrifying Sense…

I had a sneaky feeling that there was more to Rick Perry’s illegal (sadly, uncharged) endorsement of The Response prayer

Mark Morford Hits Another Homerun

Once again, San Francisco Chronicle columnist has written another supremely wonderful piece that is truly a joy to read. That’s

Thunderf00t Explains Some Stuff To Rick Perry…

  I am honestly worried about the upcoming American circus election. As a resident alien, I cannot vote but I

Oh No!

I should have seen this coming… The idiot governor of Texas is running for President. I agree with several of

Some Rain In Dallas At Last!

I certainly do not think that our governor’s prayers did this but I awoke this morning to the wonderful sound

Just Say No To Polygamy

I am quite happy to see that the religious nutcase (yes, yes, they all are…) Warren Jeffs is being sent

I Still Miss Jerry

Today is the 16th anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s passing. I’ll be listening to He’s Gone quite a bit today…

The Texas Drought & Delusions In The Government

I keep annoying my colleagues by quoting temperatures in Celsius rather than the Fahrenheit scale that they refuse to let

Happy Birthday Jerry

Today would have been Jerry Garcia’s 69th birthday.

Two Years As A Homeowner

Wow! Time really does escape you on occasion. I cannot believe that I have had my house for two years

SharePoint and SQL Server’s Error 8628

This morning I posted my first blog post on the SharePoint Escalation Team MSDN blog. This explains the reason behind

A Crappy Day

Today, a very dear friend’s cat passed away. She is distraught and I’m stuck two thousand kilometers away. Cover that

The Curse Of The Windows Installer Cache

In my opinion, one of the worst things ever to come out of Microsoft is the Windows Installer Cache. Actually,

Welcome To The Party South Sudan!

Today, South Sudan became the newest country to be recognized by the United Nations. Congratulations! And good luck! You are