Update On My Health

It has been well over a year since I posted about the state of my fitness program. My first training,

Three Years In My House

Today marks the third anniversary of my house purchase in Irving. I’m still loving living in this neighbourhood even if

Happy Birthday 145th Canada!

Before you argue that I am a day late, Canada Day can be celebrated on the following Monday if July

Five Years In Texas

Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of my arrival in Texas. How much has changed in my life in that time;

Books That I Have Recently Read

It is a beautiful day in Texas today, so I am going to sit outside for a bit and keep

Books I Am Currently Reading

During my unexpected five week vacation, I managed to get a lot of reading done and/or started. I sure wish

Busy As An Apoidea

The plan was for me to start working for Azaleos in March. However; I had to wait for approval from

Pier View Romance Renders

For the last week or so, I have been working on new Carrara 8 renders for my friend Pam. She

Reason Rally

I so desperately want to attend the Reason Rally next week! Alas, I felt like a heel starting a new

Jagged Alliance: Back In Action

I have been playing the newly released Jagged Alliance: Back In Action. Back in my college days, I played Jagged

Saying Good-bye To Microsoft

Next Tuesday, the 28th, will be my final day as a “blue badge” employee of Microsoft. Although it would have

Another Blogging Hiatus

I had originally intended to not blog for the first week of January. The goal was to skip clichéd Christmas

Happy Birthday Debug!

Another birthday for my cat. This photo is actually several years old as it was taken about a month after

Farewell Hitch! (1949–2011)

One of my heroes, Christopher Hitchens, died last night after a brutal battle with cancer. I owe Hitch an un-payable

Wherefore Art Thou, Garstor?

Wow! My last post was nearly two months ago… SharePoint Customer Support got busier than I have ever experienced in

Lego Star Wars: Super Star Destroyer

My first weekend back home from my vacation saw the completion of the Super Star Destroyer Lego model. This thing