Another Blogging Hiatus

I had originally intended to not blog for the first week of January. The goal was to skip clichéd Christmas

Happy Birthday Debug!

Another birthday for my cat. This photo is actually several years old as it was taken about a month after

Farewell Hitch! (1949–2011)

One of my heroes, Christopher Hitchens, died last night after a brutal battle with cancer. I owe Hitch an un-payable

Wherefore Art Thou, Garstor?

Wow! My last post was nearly two months ago… SharePoint Customer Support got busier than I have ever experienced in

Lego Star Wars: Super Star Destroyer

My first weekend back home from my vacation saw the completion of the Super Star Destroyer Lego model. This thing

34th Annual FFRF Convention

From October 6th to the 10th, I spent my vacation in Hartford, Connecticut to attend the FFRF Annual Convention. What

Back From Vacation

Last Wednesday I returned from a two week vacation. This post is delayed because I ended up diving immediately back

Lego Star Wars Models

I have returned to the wonderful world of Lego building in a rather big way (though not nearly as big

Cheers To Mayor Bloomberg!

My extend my praise and admiration for New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg! Amid strong opposition from the Religious Right

Recent Links & Thoughts On Facebook

It has been over 18 months since I quit Facebook. The company is pervasive and influential and thus keeps generating

Toronto “Psychic” May Vie For JREF Award

The James Randi Educational Foundation might have another challenger for their reward. While famous “psychics” have yet to accept the

Hit By A Car

While cycling to work yesterday morning, I was hit by a car. Fortunately, it was a very low-speed collision; so

Code Will Never Be Forgotten

Today is the 6th anniversary of losing my first cat, Code. I used to sleep on my stomach and Code

Optimism For American Politics

Scott “Dilbert” Adams recently posted And A Barista Will Lead Them about a possible change in how American politics can

Now Rick Perry’s Run For POTUS Makes Terrifying Sense…

I had a sneaky feeling that there was more to Rick Perry’s illegal (sadly, uncharged) endorsement of The Response prayer

Mark Morford Hits Another Homerun

Once again, San Francisco Chronicle columnist has written another supremely wonderful piece that is truly a joy to read. That’s