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Finished Another Robert M. Price Book

Although I do enjoy reading Robert M. Price’s books, they usually take me a long time to get through. He

Remembering Hitch

Four days ago was the fourth anniversay of Christopher Hitchens’ passing. Most atheist Facebook groups were filled with links to

So I Went To Church Today…

I just could not bring myself to write about yet another mass-shooting or the sheer, bat-shit lunacy of the Republican

The Josh Duggar Schadenfreude

Although we should not take pleasures in the misfortunes of another, sometimes it simply cannot be resisted. The Duggar family

Je Suis Charlie

Of course I am shocked and repulsed at the vile and cowardly attacks in Paris yesterday. Having a free society

Tim Minchin’s Christmas Song

This is a truly beautiful song. Even if I am not able to spend today with my dad, mom or

Freedom From Religion Foundation Convention – 2014

I was in Los Angeles, California last week for the 37th Freedom From Religion Foundation Convention. This is the fourth

The 35th FFRF Convention

This post is a week late – things got really crazy at work! Sorry! I’ll also post about the travel

Heading To Portland, Oregon

In a couple of hours, I’ll be flying out to Portland, Oregon to attend the 35th FFRF National Convention. I

Disappointed With Australia’s Marriage Equality Vote

Last Wednesday the Australian government voted against marriage equality. That depressed me since polls show that a majority of Australians

Thoughts On The Chick-fil-A Fiasco

Last week, every time that I began to write about this something new would crop up. The brouhaha seems to

Reason Rally

I so desperately want to attend the Reason Rally next week! Alas, I felt like a heel starting a new

34th Annual FFRF Convention

From October 6th to the 10th, I spent my vacation in Hartford, Connecticut to attend the FFRF Annual Convention. What

Thunderf00t Explains Some Stuff To Rick Perry…

  I am honestly worried about the upcoming American circus election. As a resident alien, I cannot vote but I

The Texas Drought & Delusions In The Government

I keep annoying my colleagues by quoting temperatures in Celsius rather than the Fahrenheit scale that they refuse to let

Flying During The Rapture

Tomorrow I am flying up to Canada for a short vacation. A tiny minority of people seem to think that