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The Kim Davis Furor

I cannot write a post about the hypocrite bigot Josh Duggar and not mention the other recent religious maelstrom around

The Josh Duggar Schadenfreude

Although we should not take pleasures in the misfortunes of another, sometimes it simply cannot be resisted. The Duggar family

New Horizons: Truly Fitting Project Name

I am really excited by New Horizons. It is not often a major leap forward in our understanding of universe


The Supreme Court Of the United States has made some spectacularly bad decisions over the years – Citizens United has

What A Difference Two Months Can Make

For the last few weeks, there has been a lot of rain across Texas and into Oklahoma. It has washed

Je Suis Charlie

Of course I am shocked and repulsed at the vile and cowardly attacks in Paris yesterday. Having a free society

Congratulations To The ESA

I ended up procrastinating this post unfortunately. But this was amazing news! Alright, the poor Philae lander ended up in

Minor Earthquake In Irving Last Night

Last night, just as I was beginning to fall asleep – with Debug curled up beside me – a rumble

Happy Belated Birthday United States!

It would hardly be fair to Canada if I wasn’t late writing this post too! Happy birthday 237th USA! Part

Happy Belated Birthday Canada!

A very happy 146th birthday to the greatest country on Earth! I do miss you. May there be a 146

The United States Continues To Civilize

I should have posted this two days ago when it happened! Just the same, it always pleases me when I

The Exodus Of Exodus

I could hardly have been happier when I first read that Exodus International was closing its doors. They were on

The Progress Of Equality

I am very late in posting about these events. Sorry. On May 6th, Delaware became the 11th state to legalize

Great Job New Zealand!

On Wednesday, the parliament of New Zealand voted to legalize marriage equality. It is the 13th country to do so

Carrara Has A Future!

For some reason that I do not fully understand, DAZ-3D likes to keep their cards close to their chest. They

Goodbye Benny! Good Riddance!

I was surprised – but immediately pleased – when I read this morning that Benny was going to be the