An Even Greater Excuse For Not Blogging

So what the bleeding fuck happened between November 26 and today?

I wrote that I would write about the FFRF National Convention and the rest of my vacation. That was done, as usual, in Windows Live Writer. The Publish button appeared to work as normal. However, when I went to the blog address to see the post, the page would not render in my browser. It was a blank, white nothing.

I opened a support ticket with WebHost4Life. They told me that the site was infected by malware. I was directed to SiteLock as a means to clean and secure my site. This was not cheap; I bought their $500 per year package.

Even after SiteLock had cleared the malware and installed their firewall, this blog would not render. Damage had been done to one or more WordPress configuration files. Re-installation was my only option. My confidence in my Linux skills that I could do this while retaining my posts and content was low.

My good friend provided tremendous assistance and guided me with what to tell WebHost4Life support. Armed with that, it appears that the blog is finally back.

So I find myself strongly questioning my choices. We’ll see what happens in 2019.