My Future With Flickr

I have been a Flickr Pro user since January 2006. Nearly 13 years now. It has been a great value for my money.

A Pro membership was $20 per year. However, a recent post on the KelbyOne Community made mention of a price doubling! True enough, when my Pro membership renews in March 2019, it will cost me $49.99 USD. The exchange rate will push that closer to $60.

This leaves me wondering how much value I receive for that.

I am using just under 4.5 GB of an unlimited total amount. Changing to the Free account would limit me to 1 TB of storage – which I am nowhere close to reaching. Apparently advertising is included with the Free account but I have no idea how obtrusive that will be. I would also lose access to the statistics of my photo views; however, I very rarely make use of them.

I have a few more months to think on this.