World Machine – Mount Daniel Release

After a very long development hiatus, Stephen Schmitt is back to seriously developing World Machine. He has opted to stop using version numbers in favour of naming the releases. I think this is a silly and confusing idea but the newest release is called Mount Daniel.

My preferences to using version numbers aside, I am impressed with the new World Machine. There are a lot of performance enhancements and improved multi-threading. This Mount Daniel release offers a re-built snow device, support for OpenEXR and numerous bug fixes.

The major disappointment with all this work is that the Programmer’s Development Kit keeps getting breaking changes. This doesn’t impact most users directly; however, third-party developers like Quadspinner keep getting punched in the face. Quadspinner’s GeoGlyph is an absolutely essential plug-in for World Machine.

This weekend, I hope to sit down and build a new digital terrain. It has been so long since I have created one.