Hello September!

Here is hoping that with the new month I can get out of this funk. I accomplished very little during August – the one exception being the Lego Big Ben model.

Big Ben - progress 3That build was my one Zen-like escape from the rest of the three-ring shit-show.

I am glad that a model called “Big Ben” actually included the Big Ben bell. I still cannot explain why the misnaming bothers me so much. Ah well!

One neat feature of this build is the ability to rotate the clock hands with a small knob on the back of the building. The gearing for this is basic, but I always love how Lego implements things like this. I ended up skipping this feature though – I found it too tricky to get the main shaft through the tower connected. I kept breaking parts of the model while fighting this, so I decided to stop trying and finish the build.

Big Ben - complete 1Speaking of finishing…

I put the model on the edge of my table and used my new wide-angle Sigma lens to get this shot. One neat idea for this would be compositing in a London sky instead of my living room ceiling.

All in all, this is a great model to build. Well worth the time investment.

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