Saturn V Model Finished

Earlier this afternoon, I put the last few pieces of the Saturn V LEGO model together.

Saturn VThis is a big, beautiful model from the Ideas series. Ideas are fan submissions that get voted on with the hope that they are turned into a shipping product. The wonderful Women Of NASA set is also in the Ideas series.

I will upload a better image to my Flickr album later – for now, here is a crappy cell phone camera shot. Note the re-designed Burj Khalifa model for scale. The Saturn V is nearly one meter tall – by far my tallest model.

The third stage is sitting in place and thus easily lifted off. A lunar lander model is held inside the cone of the stage. At the base of the rocket is the crew capsule with water floatation balloons deployed.

This means I have to move on to building the Big Ben tower now.


2 thoughts on “Saturn V Model Finished”

  1. Catherine Lizdenis says:

    Fantastik result … How long did it take ? Looks good against the other models too …

  2. Garstor says:

    Thank-you! I started work on Sunday and finished it on Wednesday – just an hour or two after work each day. It could definitely be built in a single day.

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