Cleaning The Blog Categories

imageJust like the Flickr albums and images, I really need to clean up my blog categories. Many of these I rarely use or do not use at all.

I suspect that the Entertainment and Music categories can be removed. Although my background is programming, SQL Server and a smattering of SharePoint; I simply do not blog about these topics. So those can be removed.

I’ve never liked the name of Ray-Tracing as a category for my 3D work. I will likely change that to Digital Art to reflect the change on Flickr. Perhaps breaking it out into multiple categories – Modeling, Texturing, Rendering – could work?

Skepticism can be combined with the Atheism category. Perhaps a Photography category that is distinct from Photoshop is in order?

Hopefully, I can get into the mySQL database that powers this blog. I could write a query to show what categories I have used most often. I’m reasonably certain that I have the skill to do that… Sarcastic smile