A Week Without Facebook

I quit Facebook over privacy concerns.

My email inbox in considerably quieter, I like that. There were some people I was keeping in touch with only through Facebook, I do miss that.

Overall, this has been a good decision I think. Even setting aside the privacy issues, Facebook was becoming a noisy, spamming headache that demanded constant attention. This was even not playing all the insipid games that tried to further encroach on your personal data!

I hope that the people who really want to stay in touch with me will do so through this blog.

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2 thoughts on “A Week Without Facebook”

  1. Jason Leonforte says:

    R’Amen to that! I haven’t quit Facebook entirely but have removed most information and allow my buzz posts to publish there. Try to keep information about me off that site.

    As for the spam, OMG, I can say I had spent months trying to keep the noise level on that site to a minimum. It’s a constant battle. Feels like the old days of Hotmail and Yahoo Mail when there really was no spam filter….

  2. Garstor says:

    If I could somehow undo the personal information I let myself share on Facebook; then I would still be using the site. Use your name, maybe a picture…but nothing else.

    Facebook knows that I am single and interested in women. Hence more than 95% of their ads to me were for Match.com or eHarmony.com or something similar. No matter how often I dismissed these ads – always saying that they were repetitive or misleading – it seemed that all Facebook could do was show me more.

    If you are going to monetize on my information, at least do a decent job of it!

    I’m still hoping that Diaspora offers something that will get me back (carefully) into social networking.

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