Staying Caught Up Is Difficult

I’ve been blogging about the new camera and figuring my way around it. Currently, I’m working through a KelbyOne tutorial on focusing techniques. I’ll review their video about the EOS 80D so that I can make more effective use of it.

Although it has been slow, I have not completely neglected working in 3D. Right now, my big experiment is using the DP_Verdue tree creation plugin for LightWave and taking the results into ZBrush for tweaking. So far, this has not borne fruit (pun only slightly intended). The ZBrush Dynamesh and ZRemesher features are not kind to the thin polygons that make up the smallest twigs at the branch tips.

I have one more idea to try out. I hope it works.

Poser work has stagnated though. I’ll have to find time to get back to that. Also, I am behind on the latest versions of Substance Painter and Designer. Finally, I have not played with World Machine and GeoGlyph in a long time either!

Phew. I’m tired just thinking about it all.