Here We Go!

Day One of three hundred and sixty-five. Phew! What to say? Can I be optimistic?

I think that in the immediate vicinity of my personal life that I can be very optimistic.

  • I have a job that I enjoy and will soon have my first anniversary for
  • In spite of a cockroach infestation; I live so close to my job that my work/life balance has improved dramatically
  • I am advancing in a hobby that I love
  • In less than two months time, my grandmother will celebrate her 100th birthday

There are challenges ahead for this year. I’ve kept this blog mostly clear of politics this year. But the US election of Donald “Cheeto Hitler” Trump is highly disturbing. If I did not have very dear friends living there, I would be laughing until I burst a vein. But the fact remains, when the US sneezes, Canada catches the cold. So I have both personal and selfish reasons for concern.

Fortunately, I support the FFRF! They are gearing up to fight all attacks against the First Amendment posed by this vile man-child and his cabinet of anti-intellectual billionaires. I remain hopeful that Trump will be brought to heel somehow. Longer term, this debacle may trigger meaningful electoral reform in the USA.

I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions. They are silly. However; I do intend to reinvigorate my lifestyle toward healthier choices. I need to begin a regular workout routine with the equipment in this building. I need to improve my eating habits too.

We’ll see what comes of all this.