Some Catch-Up And Mustard…

Well it has been nearly a month without a post. For awhile there I was making doing regular posts. Well work has been quite busy with a fair amount of things to do off-work hours from home. It has left me mentally fatigued in the evenings.

I have managed some activities in 3D and Photoshop. It would be awesome if I could share that work here but I am hoping that it will become a commercial product. So I will have to hold-off on that.

The 3D news that I can share is that I have upgraded to the newly released Substance Painter 2 (here is the YouTube release trailer for v2) and LWCad 5.1. It is absolutely stunning what can be created with these tools. I really hope to build my skills with them.

In technical and personal news, one of the drives in my ABEIR server died. It contained several of my virtual machines – including my most used GREENDRAGON, which was running SQL Server 2012. I was not performing proper backup practices and had been storing the backups for my key database on the same VHD as the VM. So I’ve lost quite a bit of work from many years. Bummer.

This isn’t really tragic, it won’t impact me financially or anything. It is just extremely annoying. But also educational – have a backup plan that actually protects the data.

I expect this coming week to be every bit as busy as last week. Hopefully I can managed another post before May rolls around.