New Flickr Album – Hamilton, Ontario

Now that I am back in Hamilton permanently – well, for the foreseeable future anyway – I decided that I should get out and take more photos of the city that I call home. My dear friend Catherine (who is an amazing photographer!) has also inspired me to click the shutter more often.

This morning, I walked around a few blocks near my condo and grabbed pics of anything that caught my eye. I created a new Flickr album for Hamilton pictures. There are only 8 pictures in there now but that will definitely grow in the future.

Here are my two favourites thus far:

Whitehern Front GateOddly enough, despite living in Hamilton most of my life – including just a couple of hundred meters from this spot – today was the first time I wandered the Whitehern Museum property.

I have walked past here more times than I can count. So today I decided to enter and take a few pictures of this historic place. I thought the trees made for a nice framing.

MacNab Street is to the left and CIty Hall is to the right. I am standing on the Jackson Street sidewalk.


Waiting For Tomorrow's CommuteJust behind Whitehern are the train tracks serving the Hamilton GO Station. My condo is right beside the station; you cannot see it in this shot though. The buses and freight trains do occasionally wake me up.

There are three GO Transit commuter trains that leave weekday mornings and return in the evenings. I wish they would expand the service to have a few more during the day.

My old apartment is just up the street from where this was taken. You can see the front entrance on the Flickr album.

I think this album will really take off when spring gets here. I can’t wait to take pictures around Gage and King’s Forest Parks. Or Webster’s Falls. Or the Niagara Escarpment.