Third YouTube Video – Manually Tweaking UV Vertices In UV Layout

UV_Layout_tutorialMy third YouTube video and second tutorial on using Headus UV Layout is now available.

This is a very short video at just over 4 minutes.

The previous video showed the basic unwrapping of primitive meshes and some quick optimization tricks. This video demonstrates how to manually edit the UVs once they are unwrapped because sometimes the algorithm creates overlapping or twisted UVs that can only be fixed by the user.

Future videos in the UV Layout series will likely be short like this one. I’d like to demonstrate some of the useful features like:

  • Straightening edges
  • Packing a UV tile
  • Working with symmetrical meshes and stacking mirrored UV islands
  • Copying UVs to identical geometry (one of the best features in UV Layout!)

Eventually I will also upload animation scenes that I create. For the time being, I am focused on static scenes.