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The Missing Hymn

Posted on Saturday, December 19th, 2015 at 6:13 AM in Religion by Garstor

I would have posted sooner but there were some permissions issues with WebHost4Life.

At any rate, a friend of mine managed to find the lyrics to that horrible hymn that I mentioned earlier. Here they are:

Like A River Of Tears

Like a river of tears your love pours upon us;
Like a sunshine of blessing your grace will sustain us;
Like a star-studded sky your spirit shines o’er us, starry night
Renewing our spirits with courage and faith.

Like a bird in free flight by windows around us;
Like a wind in the forest that breathes life among us;
Like a phoenix that’s rising from ashes around us,
Renewing our spirits with vision and grace.

Like a pillar of cloud you promise to guide us;
Like a bright fiery bush you come to speak to us;
Like a calm cooling breeze your spirit breathes in us,
Renewing our spirits with loving embrace.

Like a lover’s caress your spirit revives us;
Like a song of the soul you come to be with us;
Like a prayer of the heart you heal and restore us,
Renewing our spirits, the future to face.

See what I mean about it being a jumble of mixed metaphors?

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