Foundation Repair

My fears have been justified! A house inspection prior to selling this place revealed foundation issues. This is very common in the Valley Ranch area. So yesterday, I had the repairs done.

It was a fascinating process. I wish I could have taken video rather than just still images. It was rather disconcerting to watch my house lift upward relative to the ground. The noises were mildly disturbing as well.

corner_pierThe workers first had to clear the shrubbery in front of the house. One of the piers had to be placed under my front door patio; so they had to drill through the concrete there.

This pier is the corner where the foundation had sunk the furthest. Ultimately, they needed to push down 28 feet before the piers reached stable ground that could support the house.


front_door_pier This is the pier under the front door patio.

The pneumatic drill played havoc with the glass break sensors in the alarm system.

Once the work was finished, the workers reset the shrubs and patched the holes in the patio concrete. Really great work, I am impressed!

The expansion joint on the side of the house was nearly 3/4” wide. After the work was done it sealed up nicely.

I have a few more pictures of this work in the My Life In Texas Flickr album.