Adios Avanade!

Well it has been an interesting and decidedly bumpy ride. Earlier today, I stopped working for Avanade Managed Services (or UCCMS – or whatever fucking acronym they’ll call it next week). I gave an entire month’s notice because I wanted the extra paycheque.

A little over three years ago, my chummer (and former colleague) B. helped me join Azaleos. I was about to get hit by a bus during performance review on the Microsoft SharePoint PSS team. Joining Azaleos was how I dodged that bullet.

Azaleos was a small but growing company that provided managed services for Microsoft technologies. Since they had expanded into SharePoint and Lync, they needed a SQL Server expert. So for a time, I was a big fish in a medium pond. I developed a ton of training videos and gave lots of live talks and demonstrations – I loved that part of the job.

Avanade – a giant British consulting company created by Microsoft and Accenture – bought Azaleos. Cue the drums of doom… But there was some really good people in Azaleos and we all worked well together. However; between Accenture and Avanade, things deteriorated. They wanted bigger contracts and allowed the smaller contracts from Azaleos atrophy.

People began leaving but the management chain refused to pay attention. That only accelerated the attrition rate. When B. told me that he was leaving, I knew it had gone too far. The writing was on the wall. As it turned out, two other major gurus also announced their departure. With my own announcement, that made four subject matter experts leaving in as many weeks.

Management noticed then. But it was far too late. They’re screwed and more people have left since and more are still planning to leave. Avanade has made their bed and now they have to lay in it.

I’ll end this now. There is no need to turn this into a 20,000 word bitch-fest. I hope that the good people still there can escape as well. They deserve far better than Avanade.

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