Blogging Anew

Starting To Blog Again…

I have finally created a blog directly on my own website. For a long time I used Windows Live Spaces but found my blogging there stagnated as I used Facebook. I hope that by having a blog at that I will be motivated to post to it more often.

A Little About My Recent History

I have been living in Irving, Texas for nearly three years. I moved here from Toronto, Canada when Microsoft hired me full-time. I had been working as a vendor for them supporting SQL Server. I attended the SQL PASS 2006 conference and spoke with one of the Customer Service & Support managers from the Washington site. I love Washington and the Seattle area tremendously but for supporting SQL Server, the Texas site is the center of the universe.

I recently bought a house in Irving after my apartment started driving me mad – believe me, not everything in Texas is bigger! So I’ll be here for many years to come I expect. One of the best things about living here is that I can attend Shock Of Pleasure concerts; my good friend and colleague Josh Curry is the band’s bassist.

It is amusing to me; here I am living in arguably the most pious state in America and it is down here that I “came out” as an atheist. It was a long process and one that I will explore in future posts.

Thanks to a great personal trainer at Gold’s Gym, I have been gradually getting into the best shape of my life. Hopefully, I can use this blog to keep inspiring myself on that front too.

Lastly, I have been exploring ray-traced graphics and to a lesser degree computer-generated landscapes. I use POV-Ray currently and I will post images that I think are worth showing off.