Still Under The Weather…

I have had a persistent but minor cold for over a week now. It has been the primary force keeping from posting recently.

My shift at work is reverting back to the early morning. So I am awake in an effort to adjust my body and brain to the new schedule. I am part of the “CritSit Rotation” team. High severity cases with a major business impact to our customers are called “Critical Situations” but this gets chopped down to “CritSit.” Usually, these cases are solved in a single day. Occasionally, they will last several days. To minimize case ownership changes (especially to engineers unfamiliar with the case), we rotate ownership through a small dedicated team.

From Wednesday through Saturday, 5am to 2pm, your CritSit will be owned by your’s truly.

Hopefully, by tomorrow morning, this cold will be completely defeated and I’ll be back to my usual self.