Congratulations To The ESA

I ended up procrastinating this post unfortunately. But this was amazing news!

Alright, the poor Philae lander ended up in an unplanned location that is too shadowed for its solar panels. Hopefully the lander can be re-charged in the future and we get even more data. It was still an incredible accomplishment. We’re still getting some awesome science out this mission.

I mean the possibility of organic molecules!?!? AWESOME! Sure, Jerry Coyne put a bit of a blanket on it. This is still worth exploring of course – it is a key reason for sending a probe to the comet in the first place. We need to keep pushing our frontiers when it comes to the origin of life. Because for damned sure, there wasn’t a magic man in the sky who did it!

Oh that stupid shirt thing. I was disappointed (but not entirely surprised) when Phil Plait went on a tirade about it. There are bigger concerns for this topic as far as I am concerned. Plait went for the easy target. I am glad The Young Turks took Dr. Taylor’s side on this; especially Ana Kasparian’s points.