Minor Earthquake In Irving Last Night

Last night, just as I was beginning to fall asleep – with Debug curled up beside me – a rumble shook the house. The entire structure creaked. Freaky. My first thoughts were that my furnace or water heater had broken; but the sound was not mechanical.

Debug was on immediate alert – she was sitting at the edge of the bed and prepared to move if necessary! I managed to get back to sleep and planned to investigate in the morning.

When I woke, it felt colder than normal. That reinforced my thoughts that my furnace had died. Everything seemed okay, there was electricity flowing and the water heater appeared to be intact. So I made breakfast.

imageMy former trainer, Patrick, had stated on Facebook that it had been an earthquake. Why didn’t I think of that? Off to the USGS website. Confirmed!

I live in Irving but I am actually between the words “Coppell” and “Carrollton” on this map. So the quake was south-east of me by several miles. It registered 3.3 on the Richter scale.

There have been tremors in this area before but I had missed on those. I can remember experiencing a few tremors around Hamilton when I was kid too.

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