L.A. Misadventures And Moar Science!

As I mentioned earlier, I was in Los Angeles, California last week. My primary purpose was the FFRF annual convention. However; one of my work colleagues lives nearby, so I came out early to meet up with him.

What a beautiful hotel. The Millennium Biltmore was opened in the mid-20s and the first Academy Awards shows were held there. The architecture and décor blew me away. But I had showed up early and thus my room was not yet ready. So I set my luggage (just a duffel bag actually) down and continued reading my novel.

Then things took a turn…

I looked up and noticed my bag was gone. I had set it next to some other luggage that I had assumed was also waiting for a room to be readied. It turns out that this other luggage was now on a tour bus headed for Las Vegas. My stuff was probably with it; my camera, razor and – most importantly – my clothes for the weekend. Oooops!

I must say though, I have nothing but compliments for the management of the Biltmore. This was entirely my own fault but they totally owned the problem. They worked around the clock to stay in touch with the tour company. First confirming that they did indeed have my bag on their bus and then afterward helping to make plans for resolution.

I ended up going to a Macy’s store to buy clothes for the weekend. I was able to meet the tour bus and collect my bag on Sunday, just before my flight home. Close call!

But Moar Science!

I spent Thursday with my colleague and pal Gene. We went to the California Science Center and the Griffith Observatory. Very memorable – even if I only had a crappy cellphone camera to capture things. I’ll get my crappy pictures uploaded to Flickr and post about them later today.

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