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Happy Belated Birthday USA!

Posted on Sunday, July 6th, 2014 at 10:13 AM in Politics by Garstor

Happy 238nd birthday to the United States Of America!

Since I have often missed posting about Canada Day on time, I thought I would delay this one too.

A lot of good and bad has happened over the last year. I am glad to see that steps toward civilization continue as more states recognize same-sex marriages. More people are becoming aware of and angry about the income inequality gap (I very highly recommend Robert Reich’s documentary Inequality For All)

Unfortunately, this rotten-to-the-core Supreme Court has continued to disenfranchise millions of Americans. They have further stripped campaign finance laws away and allowed the ultra-rich to buy the elections in this country. Most recently, they have allowed for sectarian prayers before town council meetings as well as given the idiotic ruling that closely-held corporations have religious rights. Disgusting.

What a bizarre, social experiment this country is!

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