Ray tracing; my new hobby

I have renewed my interest in ray tracing. My first taste of it came from C# MVP Ryan Lamansky; he let me play with his abortive attempt to convert POV-Ray into a .NET application.

The computer graphics creation that most people are familiar with are from programs that try to mimic the real-world creation of art. So you have brushes and pencils and powerful algorithms that can make your strokes and lines look like oil paint or charcoal or watercolour. Very neat stuff if you are creative to begin with – I am not. Ray tracing appeals to me because it is actually much closer to programming than it is to painting. You describe a scene to the ray tracing program and it renders an image from that description. Here is one of my early renders from several years ago.

Rest assured, that I am still very much in the cliché section of the graphics that I create. Although one can learn a great deal from the sample code that comes with POV-Ray, I thought that I would use some of the posts on this blog as tutorials for people starting out with ray tracing themselves.

Leave a comment. Let me know what you think of the tutorial idea.