A couple of days ago I finished reading Bart Ehrman’s Forged.

Powerful stuff. When combined with his other books; – Jesus, Interrupted and Misquoting Jesus – you get something much closer to real bible study than what I ever experienced inside a church. This actually is one of the most frustrating things that I face when discussing Christianity with believers – they simply cannot accept that their holy books have been altered over the centuries. The idea is completely alien to them.

Ehrman’s work is not intended to make new atheists or to trash a religion. Simply, he seeks to uncover the truth about Christianity’s history. There is so much that happened during the first few formative centuries and we only have enticing snippets of it today. The belief systems of the various sects – again, modern Christians simply cannot seem to wrap their heads around other, equally valid but now all-but-lost, ways of thinking and worshipping. This stuff is endlessly fascinating to me.

I look forward to reading more of Bart Ehrman’s books.

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