More Personal Fitness Records

Wow! I am still blown away by the progress of my workouts this year.

I’ve been working out with a trainer for over 3 years now. At first it was my body fat percentage that was dropping. When I first started working out with Patrick, I was measured at 34% body fat. Definitely obese at over 250 pounds (I may have even exceed 260 pounds at one point).

As much as my food intake habits have changed; that remains my weakest link. I’ll sometimes break down on my willpower and order a pizza from Dominos…but generally, I try to keep my protein consumption high and my fat consumption low without sticking to some given diet plan.

It is great that Isaac has started recording my personal record attempts. This drives my determination and inspiration; it also serves as a means to analyze myself afterward. Are there ways I can improve my stance or technique?

Here are my recent videos.

This is 225 pounds squats using a Smith Machine. This helped me practice getting a good depth with the squat since it can sometimes feel intimidating getting so low to the ground with a lot of weight on your shoulders.

On February 8th, I did sets of Romanian deadlifts using 110 pound dumbbells. This is currently the heaviest dumbbells available at my gym as they recently got rid of their bigger pieces (I am not sure why). The limiting factor for me with this weight is my grip. I am quite certain that I can get a few more repetitions if I used wrist straps.

Early February was an awesome time for personal records at the gym! On February 11th, I did a leg press set of 1080 pounds. That was my heaviest leg press weight yet. Best of all, I actually got several reps. Man! What a rush that was!

We tried to add 50 pound and do 1130 pounds. I managed to get one small rep but I tried a slightly deeper second rep and failed. The sled came down and pinned me into the back rest. I wasn’t hurt; the safety blocks did their jobs. It took two trainers and me pushing to get the sled off of me though!

Back on January 14th, I managed to get a single deadlift of 305 pounds. So close to the magic 315 pounds that six plates would be! Just under a month later, February 13, I managed to get two sets of one rep at 315 pounds!

There are two more fitness videos to post. I’ve signed for more sessions with Isaac and we’ve got our sights set on even bigger records.

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