Personal Fitness Records

As 2012 flickered to an end, I wrote about some of the more important changes in my life. I mentioned my weight plateau combined with my strength gain.

225 pound deadlift 2During last week’s workouts, that strength gain was made apparent. I broke 3 personal bests. What a great feeling!

Previously, I had managed to deadlift 225 pounds. This is 4 plates of 45 pounds plus the 45 pound bar. On Monday, I matched that best lift weight and was feeling good about that.

Isaac started adding weight; we put two 25 pound plates on and I managed to do that with a strange ease. Then two 10 pound plates…

Then two 5 pound plates…

I switched grips to an over-under style. That helped out tremendously – especially given how fragile my shoulders are. It is so easy to strain them when I workout hard.

But I managed a single lift with that 305 pounds. That is just a mere 10 pounds away from simply using six 45 pound plates! That made me feel invincible! Awesome!

This is the video that Isaac took of that lift. It is just a single rep, but it is still my current personal best:I am looking forward to getting that extra 10 pounds added!

That was just the Monday! I went on to out-do myself on leg presses by doing 810 pounds for 3 sets of 10 reps. I have done heavier; but I have never gone that heavy with that many reps.

On Friday, January 11th, I did my best decline chest press with 195 pounds of weight:

Who knows what the next few weeks at the gym will bring? Hopefully some more solid gains like these!

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