Spending My 40th In Canada

Last week, I spent my last remaining vacation days for the year back in Hamilton, Ontario. Saturday the 8th was my 40th birthday. Ah good times! It is trips like this that make me miss Canada and all my friends there.

As is my custom, I made sure to drop by Bayshore Hobbies and Chester’s Beers Of The World. I’m still recovering my weight gain after all of that alcohol (not to mention Tim Horton’s bagels and coffees). I had to leave some clothes in Canada in order to fit the new Dominion: Dark Ages game into my suitcase. These minor inconveniences are totally worth it though!

I spent time in Toronto and Brampton visiting my friends Trevor, Tim and Julie. It had been a few years since I have seen Tim and Julie. I only wish I had had more time.

For my 40th birthday, I spent time with my long-time friends, Mike, Mark & John plus their wives and girlfriends. We used to work together ages ago at Proctor & Gamble and we spent time in the Dominican Republic to celebrate Mark’s wedding last year. Even more alcohol was consumed and we were talking and laughing and drinking until 4am – leaving me with just a few hours until my flight back home to Texas.

Time to roll-up my sleeves and get back to work!

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