Update On My Health

It has been well over a year since I posted about the state of my fitness program. My first training, Patrick, has since moved on to a new gym. He is doing really well there – we keep in touch – and is mastering orthokinetics to better assist his clients.

Isaac is my current trainer. In fact, he used to be Patrick’s trainer many years ago. We get along great and have made tremendous progress lately. According to this post, my body fat percentage was 17.3%. Unfortunately, the measuring device we use now is less accurate and it puts me at about 21% fat. Isaac emphatically states that I’m definitely lower than that in actuality.

I’ll be purchasing a set of digital callipers to start getting the more accurate body fat numbers again.

This past week saw my weight hit it’s lowest number since…since I don’t how long. I managed to get 213.8 pounds. I’m currently back up to 216; but so long as I stay around the 215-pound area for awhile, I’ll be happy. Once that is stable, then I will aim for a sub-210 weight.

At some point, I will have to get some current photos of myself. It would be nice to see a comparison over time.

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