Bicycling Around The World

Alright, I am not really bicycling around the world. I thought that would be obvious. But, I do cycle a lot. That is a side-effect of not having learned to drive or acquire a vehicle license (yet). Nearly two weeks ago, I bought a bike computer so I could track my speed, time and distance. I’m not racing; I’m just curious.

So I am going to check the odometer every week to see my total distance travelled. Just the first week surprised me – I had ridden 87.8 kilometers. So I mapped it out on Streets & Trips 2010.

From my house in Irving, 87 kilometers puts me just shy of the Oklahoma border. From my old apartment in Etobicoke, I could ride into Niagara Falls, New York or north past Barrie, Ontario. I am curious what a month or a year of riding will look like on the maps. My original plan was to update these images weekly; but that seems excessive. I’ll post new links if I hit a major milestone on the maps (passing a major city or landmark).

Maybe bicycling around the world is not that far a stretch in a figurative sense.

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2 thoughts on “Bicycling Around The World”

  1. Andrew says:

    Why not buy a Garmin Watch GPS(Forerunner) and let it do the mapping onto…oh yeah Google maps! Fail!

  2. Garstor says:

    Thanks Andrew! Maybe you’re hitting the Guinness a little too hard buddy.

    But I’m tracking distance on an odometer; I am after total distance travelled over time rather than where I have been (trust me, work, home, Wal-Mart, gym gets to be a rather boring pattern).

    But props on being the first legitimate commenter here!

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