Saying Good-bye To Microsoft

Next Tuesday, the 28th, will be my final day as a “blue badge” employee of Microsoft. Although it would have been nice to stick around until May and have my 5th anniversary; an exciting new opportunity has presented itself.

I owe a great debt of thanks to every Escalation Engineer in Developer Support Database. I learned at least one thing from each of them. My deepest appreciation is extended to Bob Ward, Bob Dorr, Keith Elmore, Suresh Kandoth and Joseph Pilov for the triages, tools, training and mentoring that they provided. You can also learn from “The Bobs” and Suresh (and others) from the CSS SQL Server Engineers blog.

Starting in March, I will begin working for Azaleos. This will ultimately mean moving from Texas to Washington; which is great, because I love the Pacific Northwest.

My experience with both SQL Server and SharePoint will help Azaleos customers ensure that the correct hardware and configuration choices are made. I’ll also be helping solve some of the occasionally nasty performance problems that can arise in SQL Server when hosting SharePoint databases.

This is going to be an exciting change. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

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