Toronto “Psychic” May Vie For JREF Award

The James Randi Educational Foundation might have another challenger for their reward.

While famous “psychics” have yet to accept the challenge, apparently a Toronto “psychic” named Nikki might try to add $1,000,000 to her bank account. The CBC reader comments for this story are generally what you would expect them to be. “I predict that she will fail. Do I get the million now?”

Hahahaha…didn’t see those coming! Try reading the actual rules for the challenge first.

I don’t believe in any paranormal abilities. If there was any such thing, somebody would have claimed the prize by now.

As a skeptic, this goes along with my lack of belief in any gods or other matters of religious faith. Provide me with suitable, objective evidence for a god, a miracle or whatever and I will change my mind about it.