Hit By A Car

While cycling to work yesterday morning, I was hit by a car. Fortunately, it was a very low-speed collision; so I was not hurt or even knocked down. My bike, unfortunately, was trashed.

Map picture

I was riding through the intersection of Cimarron Trail and MacArthur Boulevard at about 5:30am. The light was green, so of course I had the right of way.

My preference is to ride on sidewalks for exactly this reason – I do not trust drivers any further than I can shot-put a car. Needless to say, this incident has not improved my opinion in any way.

A Honda Accord rolled along Cimarron Trail with the intention of turning right on the red light. Even though I was directly in front of the car, it never stopped moving! I yelled some nasty words, but that did not cause the driver to use the brake pedal. Unbelievable! There is no way that IMGP2715 copythe driver could have missed seeing me – except that she was not paying any attention at all to her surroundings.

I thought I was safely past the Accord and just had a really close call. But since it was still moving around the corner Newton’s Laws Of Motion played out exactly. I cannot think of a case where 2000 pounds of steel won’t win against 15 pounds of aluminum…

My Mavic Aksium rims couldn’t put much of a fight. One of the flat spokes actually got jammed into the derailleur gears. I suspect that the back fork has been bent slightly off of true as well.

Hopefully the driver’s insurance is going to cover replacement quickly. I hate being without my wheels. I am now dependent on the bus (ugh!) and the kindness of colleagues to drive me to and from work.

Still, I am much luckier than the passengers on this TTC bus yesterday.

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