Now Rick Perry’s Run For POTUS Makes Terrifying Sense…

I had a sneaky feeling that there was more to Rick Perry’s illegal (sadly, uncharged) endorsement of The Response prayer rally. His announcement about running for President didn’t surprise me in the slightest. I had no idea that it could get much worse…

I just read Michelle Goldberg’s article A Christian Plot for Domination.

Terrifying stuff if even a quarter of it is true.

To be fair, I also read a dissenting piece by A. Larry Ross. I considered what he had to say but I think that it comes up short; this is especially true with respect to his points about the separation of church and state and the cherry-picking of scriptures.

The United States is facing a crisis with its political situation. I am relieved to not be a citizen here – but I am stuck living here for the time being.

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