Bicycling Around The World–The End (Of Posting About It…)

Like my dearth of recent blog posts in general, I have not provided an update on my cycling since December.

One big problem is that the bike computer I was using fell apart a few months back. I was using Excel to track my weekly progress. The last entry I had made was on February 22, 2011 for 2871.5 kilometers (for those of you who refuse to learn metric; 1784.267 miles). My last Streets & Trips check was for 1440 miles, so I’m quite sure that I easily exceeded the crow’s flight distance from Dallas to Seattle.finalCyclingChart

Another reason to stop tracking the distance is that I could easily see that I was making very linear progress. There was very little variation in my week to week distance. So tracking this began to feel redundant.

The large plateau here was my month-long vacation to Australia. The smaller taper at the end was the trip to the Dominican Republic combined with some inclement winter weather that forced me to take a bus to work a few times.

Still, this was a mildly interesting experiment.

I recently had to replace the tires on my bike and I was stunned that I had worn the tread away to nothing! That really drove the point home for me of just how much I ride and how dependent on the bike I am.

threadbareOf course, I had to take a picture of the old tires!

I wonder if I’ll ride my new tires to this point of destruction too?