Yet Another Reason To Hate Facebook

The stories continue to build-up. First they sued over someone using the suffix "book" for their own website. Then they patent  the term "Face." Now it is revealed that Facebook can track you (whether you are a member or not) with the "Like This" link button that many sites use.

I tried to completely shutoff the use of cookies on my system, but too many websites became unusable. I am seeking other options to try to rid myself of third parties watching my every online move.

The line between privacy and usefulness continues to blur.

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1 thought on “Yet Another Reason To Hate Facebook”

  1. Marco Casa says:

    Nefarious indeed. I just visited a site 2 minutes ago that had a “Like” with my profile and thought “Facebook doesn’t need to know I’m visiting this site.” Two thumbs down.

    I use a hosts file from to block most tracking and analytics software. Unfortunately I’m active on facebook and can’t block If/When I bail on facebook I’ll add a entry and block any communication from my PC to facebook.

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