A Workaround For Dreamweaver CS5 Performance

I have been quite vocal at work about my problem with Dreamweaver CS5.

I haven’t used Microsoft’s own Expression Studio product – it would be interesting to do a comparison though. As I told my colleagues, I have been using Dreamweaver since it was owned by Macromedia. Back then, Microsoft’s web site editor was Frontpage and that was a piece of garbage that should never have seen the light of day.

My friend Bill has some experience with Adobe products too since his wife is a desktop publisher. It was his suggestion that I try using a 10×10 pixel PNG rather than a 1×1. Interesting idea…

perfmon_DWCS5_workaround Lo and behold, it worked quite nicely! Although the kernel mode time still spiked, it returned back to user mode much more quickly and let me type directly into the Design Mode window – which is the expected behaviour. I started experimenting with different dimensions for the PNG file (always using Fireworks CS5 to resize as desired).

As you can see in the Performance Monitor trace, the kernel mode time for the Dreamweaver process still spikes while I am typing in the Design Mode window. However, it quickly drops back and the typing remains responsive. This was captured while using a PNG image 890 pixels wide (the full width of my page content <div> tag) and 10 pixels high.

The trade-off is that the PNG file is a larger file size; but with today’s internet access rates, this should be hardly noticeable.

Filename Image Format File Size
bgt_1x1 PNG 1 kb
bgt_5x5 PNG 46 kb
bgt_10x10 PNG 46 kb
bgt_890x1 PNG 48 kb
bgt_890x10 PNG 48 kb
new2 JPG 13 kb
If any reader uses Dreamweaver and experiences this issue, I hope this post helps you out. I am also curious to hear from people who have used Adobe’s free technical support; how were you treated?
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